Wolf Brothers

Wolf Brothers

Wolf Brothers is a Polish niche perfume and luxury candle brand inspired by wild animals. The brand's philosophy is based on the idea that wild animals represent the strength and freedom of nature: Wolf Brothers seeks to capture their essence, to ensure a unique and wild sensory experience, just like the soul of a wolf.

Wolf Brothers
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The Wolf Brothers Perfumes

It all began a few years ago on a cold winter evening, on one of the paths in the Bieszczady Forest. Two wolves, bound by blood ties, made a pact in the middle of a snowstorm. They knew from experience that to prosper in this wild world they had to act as a pack. Soon they were joined Piotr and Łukasz, two hikers eager to succeed. Wolf Brothers was born - an exclusive brand of strong and proud perfumes, like a wolf.


Wolf Brothers: The Founders

The story of this brand, born of two lone, close-knit wolves, has today turned into the adventure of a small pack:


  • Wiktor Wolf Wilk: a true alpha male and born leader of the pack, as well as being responsible for creating Wolf Brothers perfume compositions and working with French partners. His sense of smell extremely developed allows him to perfectly link scents to emotions and genuine primal instincts.
  • Piotr Wisent Romanski: a bison of flesh and bone. On the one hand a fierce and courageous warrior, on the other a worthy passionate elegance. He is the guardian of the budget and brings calm and common sense to the pack.
  • Łukasz Boar Markiewicz: the wildest of the bunch, but not evil. He is the one who digitised the fragrances and encapsulated their essence in extraordinary images. He is also the author of the visual aspect of the brand and the mind behind the packaging details.
  • Szymon Bear Wilk: the second of the Wilk brothers. He is the good spirit and guardian of positive energy in the pack. An enthusiastic hiker who traverses unexplored mountain paths in search of true inspiration.


Wolf Brothers Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Wolf Brother Wolf Eau de Parfum: a scent that evokes the essence of night, fear and the wilderness. It's like a full moon rising in the sky over a cold night, deep in the forest. Its spicy, woody notes of vetiver and pepper, enveloped in a touch of leather, transport us to the dark heart of the wolf prowling in the trees after dark. Let yourself be captivated by the wild beauty of this fragrance and discover your more instinctive and adventurous side with the Wolf Brothers fragrances.
  • Wolf Brothers Goat Eau de Parfum: a fragrance that captures the essence of pathless mountains, madness and obsession. The perfumer created this unusual and surprising fragrance to express the wild side of the animal. Notes of goat's milk, mushrooms and truffle recall the wild nature of goats and, at the same time, animal notes such as costus, oud and leather emerge, revealing the animal's dirty, bestial and aggressive side.
  • Wolf Brothers Wisent Eau de Parfum: a fragrance that represents the essence of meadow, power, self-confidence, pride and self-control. With its notes of hay, blackcurrant and woody hints, it transports us to the vast spaces of the Carpathians, where bison dwell. The woody notes evoke the strength of this magnificent animal, while the animal notes evoke its thick, warm fur.
  • Wolf Brothers Bear Eau de Parfum: Bear encapsulates the essence of ferocity, den, courage and respect. The top notes are inspired by the forest, with resinous hints of pine and fir. The amber notes of cistus and labdanum evoke the dark fur of the bear. The powerful notes of cinnamon and ginger represent respect and fear for the wild animal of the forest. To complete this composition, notes of honey and vanilla add an enveloping softness. With Wolf Brothers fragrances, let yourself be transported into your own wild and adventurous nature.


Wolf Brothers Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews

  • Wolf Brothers Deer EDP: “Hay, leather and musk: very good this perfume, almost wild…a bit like me’ Luke
  • Wolf Brothers Bear Candle: “After falling in love with the Bear perfume, I decided to get the candle as well: I don't regret it!” Anna
  • Wolf Brothers Boar EDP: “A wild, earthy leathery, with a truffle undertone that drives me crazy along with the woody notes” Edward
  • Wolf Brothers Goat EDP: “One of the most original and crazy perfumes in my collection: even though it's really special, I still find it wearable, more wearable than some of the best sellers that have been popular in recent years” Ella


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