Oman Luxury

Oman Luxury
Oman Luxury embodies a unique vision evoking mesmering scents and sensations from the oriental world. Imagine the opulence of precious oud woods and the warm embrace of fine leathers. Envision the intoxicating power of spices, the juiciness of the sweetest fruits and the splendid and intensely scented flowers. This is Orient, this is true luxury.
Oman Luxury
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Oman Luxury Perfumes

Oman Luxury is an independent perfume house founded in 2012 by Muatasim, Muadh and Ahmed. They aimed to create an authentic olfactory expression of Oman, using the best ingredients to capture every aspect of Oman's culture and heritage in an artistic way that combines authenticity and modernity. The result is a range of exquisite and bespoke fragrances that represent the aromatic heritage of Oman.

The brand takes pride in sourcing local raw materials and collaborating with local talent and niche industry noses, making it an embodiment of the heart and soul of Oman. The team is led by Muatasim Al Hinai, managing director, Ahmed Al Esry, general manager, and Muadh Al Sinawi, marketing director. Each member of the team has a background and unique skills that contribute to the success of the brand.

The use of quality ingredients is one of the brand's most important commitments. They identify and integrate these high-level elements into their luxury perfumes and maintain them over time. The quality of Oman Luxury perfumes starts with sourcing the raw materials according to IFRA standards and manufacturing the final product according to ISO and GMP standards.

Every research into the nature of Oman reveals a new inspiration, punctuated by meetings and discussions on how to combine Omani tradition with a touch of modernity, and then present them to the world in the form of a unique essence of Oman. The brand design offers an extraordinary experience that will teleport you into the wonders of Oman. The inviting appearance and the carefully crafted and elegant details draw attention to the beautiful fragrance in a unique presentation. It is an experience that allows you to see the scenery, feel the essence and enjoy the ingredients that are deeply connected to Oman.


Oman Luxury Perfumes Best Seller on 50 ml:

  • Oman Luxury Wanderlust Eau de Parfum: a unisex woody fragrance inspired by the desire to travel beyond all borders. Free-spirited, casual, curious and vibrant. The fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot, lemon and currant infused with a soft, spicy blend of pink pepper, cinnamon and saffron. Cedarwood and guaiac wood reveal a woody touch in the base with hints of olibanum.
  • Oman Luxury Royal Incense Eau de Parfum: a fragrance inspired by the frankincense typical of Oman, with its smoky aroma and softer nuances. It is a fragrance capable of captivating with its almost archaic and calming impact, thanks to the floral notes of the heart and the important warmth generated by the important base notes: honey, musk, amber and leather, united as in a flow by master perfumer Philippine Courtier.
  • Oman Luxury Flowerlush Eau de Parfum: a luminous fragrance reminiscent of glamour, elegance and a fascinating transition between summer and spring. Immerse yourself in a vibrant bouquet of jasmine, roses and floral notes. The fragrance opens with a delicate citrus accord and a vivaciousness that evokes a delicate essence of fresh grass leaves covered in morning dew. The drydown of Flowerlush Eau de Parfum sees white flowers fall under the veil of a clean, velvety white musk, with a hint of vetiver and amber.
  • Oman Luxury Khanjar Eau de Parfum: a woody fragrance inspired by Omani heritage; discover this emblem of prestige and divine beauty. Khanjar reflects the authenticity of the historical symbol of Oman Luxury. A fragrance that opens with a rich infusion of floral notes, saffron and bergamot, followed by a precious combination of oud, ambergris and leather with musk, sandalwood and vanilla.
  • Oman Luxury Mariya Eau de Parfum: is a floral fragrance for women inspired by the precious hand-crafted jewellery of a young Omani woman. Mariya Eau de Parfum is a rich blend of love and glamour. The fragrance opens with an essence of fresh fruity and floral notes followed by an overwhelming heart that emerges with the essence of red roses combined with a hint of bourbon. It has a delicious base of vanilla, caramel and coffee.



Oman Luxury Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Oman Luxury Oud Aquilaria Eau de Parfum: “Oud Aquilaria is a fragrance that embodies masculine elegance, refined and distinctive. A complex, sophisticated and complete fragrance, combining notes of rose, apple, oud, patchouli and incense in a perfect balance. The duration is excellent (5+ hours) and the trail is fresh, elegant and golden, with a fantastic projection. Oud Aquilaria is a complete, complex fragrance with a great diversity of notes that stand out clearly. is elegant, inviting and sexy, a pure delight.” Gabriel
  • Oman Luxury Overdose Eau de Parfum: “Overdose by Oman Luxury is a fragrance that does not go unnoticed, that knows how to amaze and involve. It starts with a citrusy opening that bursts through the doors of the senses and creates a completely enthralling sensory experience and unfolds into a heart/background that is both salty and sweet. Suitable for most situations and seasons, this fragrance is destined to break through the hearts of those seeking a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.” Alejandro
  • Oman Luxury Belfiore Eau de Parfum: “Belfiore is a fragrance that tells of a carefree spring, where life blossoms and nature awakens. The combination of velvety apricot, osmanthus and gardenia petals wrapped in a veil of beeswax creates an olfactory poetry that infuses joy and inspires cheerfulness. The fragrance is delightful, enveloping and luminous, delicate yet powerful, capturing the charm of spring in a sensory experience that enchants and captivates.” Angelica
  • Oman Luxury Serenity Eau de Parfum: “Serenity by Oman Luxury is an elegant and fresh fragrance, perfect for any occasion. The mix of rose, oud, saffron, leather and sweet notes creates a masculine and characterful scent, perfectly balanced by the spicy and fresh notes. The fragrance is easy to wear and suitable for all genders. The performance is incredible, like a true masterpiece of oriental perfumery: a homogeneous and elegant fragrance, a must-have for lovers of fresh and spicy leather. 5 stars” Darius
  • Oman Luxury Paramour Eau de Parfum: “Paramour perfume by Oman Luxury is a fragrance that embodies the essence of elegance and sensuality. Its fruity and sugary opening evolves into a masculine, amber and leathery character that gives it a unique personality. The sugary notes remain in the background, harmonising and balancing the fragrance so that it does not become too heavy. Elegant, refined and versatile, this fragrance deserves a 9/10. ” Lucien


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