Eau de Cologne

If you love niche perfumes, you can't avoid adding to your collection a good Eau de Cologne, refreshing and incredibly pleasant to wear even in the hottest months, when the mere thought of wearing an intense and "important" Eau de Parfum risks giving us a headache. Browse our catalogue and find the Eau de Cologne that suits you!

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Eau de Cologne

Eau de Cologne is one of the traditional institutions of perfumery: Eau De Cologne, also identified by the acronym EDC, can be considered, to some extent, all descendants of the historic Aqua Mirabilis by Gian Paolo Feminis and Giovanni Maria Farina, who, in the seventeenth century, invented the formulation of a perfume capable of creating the perfect balance between lightness and vitality. For this reason, it was immediately appreciated by athletes. Giovanni Maria Farina, born in Santa Maria Maggiore (Novara) in 1685 and later settled in Cologne, founded with his brother-in-law a shop of various goods, among which this prodigious fragrance took a significant and then exclusive place. The name "Eau de Cologne" dates back to 1742 and was, as one can easily understand, introduced in France. It is a fragrance deeply linked to an idea of well-being and vitality: for this reason, it has also been used for a long time as a refreshing water and rubbed all over the body. Since its inception, Eau de Cologne has been appreciated and used by famous figures in history, such as Queen Victoria, Goethe, Voltaire, Napoleon, and many others. Over time, Eau de Cologne, thanks to its low alcohol content, has transformed into a type of fragrance typically masculine, also becoming a beloved aftershave.


What is Eau de Cologne

It is a type of fragrance containing a percentage of essential oils ranging from 2 to 4%. Its duration is approximately one to two hours: therefore, it is one of the least persistent fragrances on the market and is light enough to be liberally sprayed. Moreover, it is characterized by an olfactory pyramid composed essentially of top notes, while the base notes are significantly minor. This characteristic causes Eau de Cologne to release a very crisp cut during the first hours after spraying, which remains light throughout the day.


What's the Difference Between Eau de Cologne and Perfume?

If you've ever wondered the difference between Eau de Cologne and Perfume, the answer is very simple. Eaux de Cologne stand out from other types of perfume for two main reasons:


  • The percentage of essential oils: in Eau de Cologne, there is a decidedly lower concentration of perfume compared to Eau de Toilette (EDT), Eau De Parfum (EDP), and Extrait de Parfum (EXT).
  • The olfactory pyramid: in Eaux de Cologne, it tends to be less complex and only partially perceptible, while it is rich and articulated within EDT, EDP, and EXT compositions. You might think that this characteristic makes the latter preferable to Eau de Cologne, but it is not so: Eau de Cologne - starting from its incomparable freshness, to its incredible history - possesses numerous merits, all to be discovered!

What is Eau de Cologne Used For

Choose an Eau De Cologne if you are looking for a fragrance to be liberally sprayed and that is energizing, light, and vital. Eau de Cologne is a fragrance typically used to scent delicately and freshly, especially in summer, when high temperatures prevent us from wearing more intense fragrances with the same ease (but we don't want to give up scenting all day long!). Eau de Cologne is also ideal to wear on damp skin after a shower, for a refreshing and toning effect, or after shaving, as an aftershave, to give ourselves a little beauty treat.


How to Wear Eau De Cologne

Eau De Cologne is suitable to be sprayed all over the body and also on clothes, a very useful practice to scent throughout the day. However, always remember to pay attention to more delicate fabrics, such as silk or cashmere. To make your perfume last longer, we recommend spraying it on the warmer areas of the body, such as wrists, behind the ears, neck, and inside of the elbow.


What's the Best Eau de Cologne

In addition to the historic Aqua Mirabilis by Gian Paolo Feminis, which holds an honorable position in the world of Eaux de Cologne, many Eaux de Cologne have managed to stand out thanks to their first-quality formulas and their original fragrances, with a clean and yet sparkling scent. To get an idea of which are the most desired Eaux De Cologne and purchased in the world of artistic perfumery, you can be fascinated by the 5 best-selling Eaux de Cologne on 50 ml: 


  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Arancia Rossa Eau de CologneArancia Rossa EDC by the famous artistic perfumery brand Laboratorio Olfattivo is a citrusy Eau de Cologne exquisitely fresh and juicy, signed by the great master Jean-Claude Ellena, capable of transporting you to a poetic imaginary, made of Italian summer landscapes.
  • Santa Maria Novella Melograno Eau De Cologne: this historic Eau de Cologne from the niche perfumery of Florence, Santa Maria Novella, is famous for its spicy notes that capture and fascinate the nose.
  • Nishane Safran Colognise Eau de Colognein this Eau de Cologne by the Turkish Maison Nishane, the citrusy freshness of lemon surrounds saffron with enveloping notes. It represents the perfect meeting between modernity and oriental tradition.
  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Mandarino Eau de Cologneanother iconic Eau de Cologne from the artistic perfumery Laboratory Olfattivo! Mandarino EDC represents the typical Italian joy and zest for life: a perfume that is "like a ray of sunshine on a typical winter day".
  • Santa Maria Novella Fresia Eau de CologneFresia is another famous Eau de Cologne signed by Santa Maria Novella, with a floral, fresh, and romantic scent, perfect for spring and summer evenings. It is inspired by the scent of freesia flowers, originating from South Africa, which in floral symbology are associated with the mystery and charm of the unknown.


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