Bastille Paris offers original, high-quality perfumes that are characterised by the creative freedom of the perfumers, the use of luxury raw materials, transparency in the ingredient list, eco-sustainability and a focus on avoiding controversial ingredients. Bastille Paris' mission is to create vegan perfumes that liberate and amaze you, creating new standards and conventions.

Set Descending Direction

Bastille perfumes, an Impossible challenge?

Marie-Hortense, a natural cosmetics enthusiast and somewhat frustrated by the lack of alternatives to synthetic perfumes, decided in 2019 to meet with several perfumers to see where this lack stemmed from. She asked them if it was possible to imagine a natural and transparent alternative. The answers were friendly, but without follow-up. Marie Hortense, however, did not give up, and created Bastille. Thus, a first collection of natural, transparent and 100% safe perfumes was designed. Thanks to the work of their talented perfumers, 5 unisex perfumes were selected for theiroriginality and their exceptional raw materials.

Features of Bastille Parfums

Perfume is still regarded by law as a 'trade secret', which is why brands do not disclose their ingredients. This opacity has encouraged the use of controversial ingredients by some brands, such as BHT, an additive used as an antioxidant and suspected of being an endocrine disruptor. Bastille believes in transparency, and from the outset chose to make public the list of ingredients of fragrances in every product sheet: better to risk being copied than to leave doubts about your skin and what you breathe!


Natural Ingredients for Bastille Parfums

Bastille manages to make products that are 95 per cent natural ingredients, usingorganic grain alcohol, which is kinder to the planet, and using at least two-thirds natural ingredients in each perfume, for a perfume concentrate of 15 per cent. This is a long-term challenge, because these materials are difficult to obtain: for example, it takes six years to produce iris absolute - three years for the plant to grow and three years for it to mature after harvest. Their structure, which is more complex than their synthetic counterparts, also makes them more difficult for profumers to process.


Bastille Perfumes: a Happy Balance of Natural and Synthetic notes

The perfumers began creating100% natural perfumes. Unfortunately, the result lacked finesse and hold, so Bastille reintegrated some carefully selected clean synthetic molecules to accompany the natural raw materials and create exceptional accords. And what is left in the 5% synthesis? Only quality ingredients that respect your body and can be synthesised from natural raw materials. Ambroxan, for example, a synthetic molecule very similar to ambergris, a historical perfumery ingredient naturally produced and released by sperm whales, prized by perfumers for prolonging the sillage of fragrances. Ambroxan is synthesised from a molecule naturally present in sage, which is then transformed by man. It is 100% safe, even for sensitive skin. Bastille fragrances are vegan, formulated without endocrine disruptors, added solvents, stabilisers, dyes or UV filters.

Bastille Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Pleine Lune Eau de ParfumIf you love challenging looks that are also an invitation, then Pleine Lune è the fragrance for you. The tuberose, a wild and sensual flower, combines with matcha tè and innocent bergamot to create a velvety and seductive fragrance designed to captivate.
  • Un Deux Trois Soleil Eau de ParfumAlmond and tonka bean evoke the radiant warmth of a childhood afternoon, while vanilla, heliotrope flower and benzoin will remind you of familiar scents of holidays and greedy snacks snatched on the sly. Un Deux Trois Soleil Eau de Parfum è a delicious fragrance that will stay on the tip of your tongue.
  • Bataille Eau de ParfumBataille Eau de Parfum has an assertive and assertive character, thanks to the mix of saffron, ginger, pink pepper and patchouli. This fragrance represents a struggle between water and fire that takes place on the skin, nourishing your inner fire. But beware, it is not for everyone: blind buy not recommended :)


Bestseller Products Bastille Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Rayon Vert Eau de Parfum“A spring meadow and its green, aromatic scent. Basil and fennel notes play with floral notes in an’explosion of freshness and joy” Sara
  • Hors-Piste Eau de Parfum“A citrusy gin and tonic that I find absolutely irresistible. Citrus, juniper, mate: a scent that is both sassy and elegant at the same time! ” Markus
  • Demain Promis Eau de Parfum“A very special spicy gourmand. A comforting fragrance that I love to wear when I feel I need an extra pampering, on lazy mornings in bed or in the evening, with its notes of milk, cardamom and tonka bean: I adore” Chiara


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