Cristian Cavagna

Cristian Cavagna

After years in the perfumery industry, Cristian Cavagna brings to light his own collection of fragrances. Drawing inspiration from artists like Warhol and Ferrè, who repeatedly depicted the same subject in different styles, Cristian develops the idea of working in seven different ways with tuberose, one of the flowers that has made history in perfumery, with the help of perfumer Arturetto Landi.

Cristian Cavagna
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Cristian Cavagna Perfumes

After a long journey in the world of perfumery, Cristian Cavagna has finally brought to life his unique vision: a collection of fragrances that capture the essence of art and the history of perfumery. Drawing inspiration from great masters like Warhol and Ferrè, known for their ability to reinvent a theme in multiple ways, Cristian embraced the idea of exploring tuberose, one of the most iconic flowers in perfumery, in seven surprising and fascinating variations with the help of renowned perfumer Arturetto Landi.


History and Philosophy of Cristian Cavagna Perfumes

Behind this artistic perfumery brand lies the long and passionate experience of Cristian Cavagna in the perfume industry. With ongoing training and a career dedicated to creating fragrances, Cavagna has developed an in-depth understanding of every aspect of the perfume industry, from conception to product marketing. His role within the brand is versatile, ranging from fragrance evaluator to creative director, from educator and trainer to fragrance expert and content creator.

The inspiration for creating Cristian Cavagna fragrances is encapsulated in the film "La Femme d'à Côté" by Truffaut, which sparks in the perfumer a reflection on the role of songs in people's lives, which he compares to that of perfumes. Just as the notes of a melody touch the heart and vibrate on the skin, fragrances too have the power to evoke emotions and memories. Each perfume, even the lightest, has its moment and its meaning in the life of the wearer, just like music.

Art is a constant presence in Cristian Cavagna's work, so much so that it is great personalities like Andy Warhol and Gianfranco Ferrè who lead Cavagna to decide to explore tuberose in seven different ways. Like these two great artists who knew how to reinterpret and reinvent common themes in a unique and fascinating way, Cristian, starting from this iconic flower, rich in history and charm, has created a series of extraordinary fragrant creations. Collaborating with talented illustrators to give a face to each interpretation of tuberose and relying on master perfumer Arturetto Landi for the olfactory part, Cavagna has conceived and created a collection that celebrates the beauty and complexity of the world of perfumes and its raw materials.


Cristian Cavagna Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Cristian Cavagna Musa Paradisiaca Extrait de Parfum: the first interpretation of tuberose by Cristiana Cavagna. Muses have always inspired extraordinary adventures, transforming quiet lives into epic stories. Similarly, tuberose becomes the protagonist of this perfume, joining the banana leaves from the imperial greenhouses. A sensory experience that captures the essence of tuberose, transporting us into a world of elegance and fascination, guided by the muses of art and perfumery.
  • Cristian Cavagna Boa Madre Extrait de Parfum: the egg, an ancient symbol of rebirth, joins the seduction of the boa and tuberose to create a unique sensory experience. The bottle of this perfume reinvents elegance with its lines that recall the female body and ostrich eggs, symbols of regeneration. An animal representation, seductive and mysterious, that captures the essence of femininity and life.
  • Cristian Cavagna Vittoria Alata Extrait de Parfum: a perfume that takes inspiration from a Roman statue symbol of Brescia, paying homage to the industriousness and history of the city. Tuberose finds its essence in this powerful figure, embodying the beauty and greatness of a glorious past. Incense evokes majestic cathedrals, while tuberose transforms this fragrance into an affectionate tribute to the roots and grandeur of this enchanted place.
  • Cristian Cavagna Murice Imperiale Extrait de Parfumon a scorching summer day and in the quiet sunset, the echo of the sea is felt, guarded in an elegant murex shell. Here, tuberose dances among marine algae and gray amber, infused with the evocative purple essence of Tyrian red. This perfume presents itself as an underwater tuberose, humid and mineral, a journey that awakens the senses and transports the soul into a world of underwater wonders.
  • Cristian Cavagna Bianca Forte Extrait de Parfum: here tuberose reigns supreme, expressing luxury and charm. Cultivated in Grasse and fused with milky notes, this raw material emanates a luminous and seductive sweetness. Each spray invites you to be carried away by beauty and passion, in a celebration of femininity and the power of desire. A true celebration of sublime beauty.


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