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Best Korean Face Sunscreens on 50 ml

As we have already mentioned, Made in Korea face sunscreens are many and varied: here are 5 that stand out for the quality of the formula and effectiveness!


  • Beauty Of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics SPF 50 +. This sun cream is enriched with rice extracts and probiotics, while offering excellent protection against UV rays and moisturizing and soothing benefits for the skin. Perfect also as a makeup base!
  • Mixsoon Centella Sun Cream SPF 50+. Thanks to the presence of Centella Asiatica, this cream is perfect for all those people with sensitive skin who want to effectively protect their face from the sun and at the same time give a calming effect to the most irritated parts of the skin.
  • Thank You Farmer Safe Sun Fluid Age 0880 SPF 50+. Here we are with a very high protection face fluid, with a light texture like air! This cosmetic provides excellent protection from UV rays and - in addition - also helps to even out the skin tone, making it brighter.
  • Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50+. Soft and velvety, Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50+ is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue, perfect for everyday use thanks to its refreshing water-based formula.
  • Thank You Farmer Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF 50+. Do you hate the feeling of heaviness on the face and so you look for a sunscreen that - once smeared - almost seems not to have it on? The Sun Project Light Sun Essence with SPF 50+ is the right cosmetic for you! It is a solar essence that offers a high protection with a texture really light as air: try it!


Korean Face Sunscreens: Customer Reviews 50 ml

We have collected for you some reviews of our customers on Korean face sunscreens: here’s what they said!


  • Skin1004 Centella Air-Fit Suncream Ligt SPF 30. Marco, 38 years old: "I do not give up the Asian centella even when it comes to solar, because for my sensitive skin this ingredient is really a panacea. I recommend this product to all those people like me who want to protect themselves from the sun and soothe any irritation on the skin!"
  • Skin1004 Tone Brightening Tone-Up Sunscreen SPF 50+. Luisa 58 years: "I love the uniform look that this sunscreen face. Usually, the use combined with a BB Cream or a foundation and the effect is amazing: my discolorations become imperceptible!"
  • Beauty Of Joseon Matte Sun Stick Mugwort + Camelia SPF 50+. Giorgio, 32 years old: "I am an avid sportsman, I spend a lot of time outside my home practicing outdoor physical activities like jogging and cycle tourism. After years of burning me like a fool, I realized I just needed to find a quality solar! Since I use Beauty Of Joseon products I have not had any more problems and in addition the stick format is really super practical to take away and reapply between one sprint and another!"
  • Thank You Farmer Safe Sun Fluid Age 0880 SPF 50+. Elisa, 21 years old: "One of the best sunscreens I have ever used. Moisturizing and protective, without being fat. For me, more than promoted!"
  • Beauty Of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics SPF 50 +. Anna, 37 years old: "I chose this sunscreen because I wanted a cosmetic that would protect me from the sun’s rays and at the same time help me with irritations (I have sensitive skin). I’ll tell you, I found a faithful daily ally: I never burn, I feel the skin less stressed and, by the way, it is also a perfect makeup base!"


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