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The sea: calm, cool, stormy, enveloping... always changing, by its very nature. Precisely for this reason, it is hard to believe that there can be so many different fragrances to represent it. Enter a world of modern, relaxing fragrances thanks to the best niche marine fragrances! what are you waiting for? Discover them all with 50 ml!

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Niche Marine Fragrances: A Complete Guide

Marine fragrances are a category of fragrances inspired by the elements of the ocean and coastline. These fragrances are loved for their freshness and the feeling of serenity that they evoke. These types of fragrances really saw the light of day in the 1980s, when calone - a molecule previously used for floral perfumes - was first used in large quantities; its ozonicmarine and aqueous scent immediately conquered the market. Thus was born the family of marine perfumes, to which are added spices such as cardamom or salvialigustro and ambrocenides

Marine fragrances are therefore based on a variety of olfactory notes, which can give them many different nuances: clean and light like a summer morning breeze, intriguing and enveloping like the stormy sea and the seabed, or even almost warm thanks to the combination of sunscreen and sand. But how to find the right one, if not by trying? 50 ml has selected the best marine perfumes to start this journey into one of the niche's newest olfactory families.


Women's Aquatic Perfumes: Create your own Discovery Set

If you're looking for a woman's marine perfume, the solution is very simple: given their particular scent, most aquatic perfumes are unisex, so the choice is actually very free. But 50 ml has created a selection that will allow you to find the best women's marine perfume for you very easily.

  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Salina Eau de Parfum: Salina, nestled in the Aeolian archipelago, surrounded by the sapphire blue sea. This island, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean, was chosen as the ideal setting for the creation of a perfume that smells of sea, sun, sand, salt on the skin and freedom. Shells, starfish and warm sand in place of the usual notes used in perfumery, the olfactory pyramid of Salina is adorned with aquamarine reflections, savoury accents and sunny nuances. Sparkling and aquatic, but also warm. Salty and, at the same time, sweet.
  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Dream Sea Extrait de Parfum: memories of a night of passion: the cheerful cocktail of spices and flowers mingles with the vivid green notes of vegetation hidden by the darkness; the unmistakable scent of the sea overlaps with that of salt-sprinkled skin that, like a myriad of tiny diamonds, reflects the moon's glow. Precious woods, accompanied by notes of grey amber and black salt from Cyprus, make Dream Sea Extrait de Parfum mysterious and irresistibly sensual.
  • Maison Tahité Sel_Vanille Eau de Parfum: the sweet notes of vanilla carried on the sea breeze. A seductive mix of sea, salt, vanilla and woods, enhanced by a touch of jasmine to give harmony and elegance to the composition. Sage in the opening introduces an aquatic/marine heart elevated by jasmine. In the base, Vanilla and Cedarwood support the pyramid. Undoubtedly one of the best niche marine perfumes.
  • Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu Eau de Toilette: a fresh breeze rises from the open sea and carries with it the scents of the ocean, caressing us with the warm, discreet notes of golden sand. The contemporary blend of immortelle, sweet lily of the valley, refreshing seawater, arid sand and fresh seaweed makes this fragrance unique. To further enhance these interesting notes, Aqua Motu è infused with aromatic rosemary, orange, cedarwood, pepper and patchouli.
  • Heeley Sel Marin Eau de Parfum: evokes sea breezes and notes of sunshine on the skin. At the top, echoes of lemon and bergamot fade to reveal a Heart of sea salt and seaweed, with a surprising Base note of cedarwood and musk. A fresh accord inspired by quiet and holiday moments, the precious kind that predisposes one to inner peace and infinity.


Men's Acquatic Perfumes: Create your own Discovery Set

The sea is often represented as a masculine element, given its strength and its fascination. Marine fragrances take up a part of this, thanks to masterful blends of innovative and traditional notes. What are you waiting for? 50 ml has carefully selected 5 fragrances to allow you to find the best marine perfume man for you.

  • Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss Perfume: a fresh scent, inspired by the south coast of Wales. Cedarwood lends this fragrance a robust base, upon which a fresh scent of sea spray on summer days plunges into the azure. A fragrance for men and women, inspired by waves crashing on sun-kissed rocks and long days turning into warm summer nights. Notes: Lemon, Aquatic Accord, Musk Accord, Sage, Cedar, Musk, Amber.
  • Nishane Ege Extrait de Parfum: Ege è a fragrance inspired by the sea breeze that carries with it the aromas of the Mediterranean coast. Deliciously crisp, this extraordinarily aromatic aquatic truly captures the extraordinary blue of the Aegean. Indeed, Ege perfume extract is the olfactory representation of the deep blue sea and the clear Mediterranean sky. An undisputed sensation of happiness. Top Notes: Yuzu, Violet Leaves, Aniseed. Heart Notes: Basil, Green Cardamom, Mint. Base Notes: Olibanum, Liquorice
  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Black Sea Extrait de Parfum: the scent of the restless sea before the storm. The threatening sky is reflected in the leaden colour of the water. The sea prepares to demonstrate its strength. The waves break on the rocks with vehemence, saturating the air with saltiness. The wind carries the scent of flowers and herbs, filling the ether with almost palpable tension. Black Sea Extrait de Parfum è a fragrance that unleashes the power of the elements, perfect for those who are not afraid to challenge the force of nature.
  • D.S. & Durga Rockaway Beach Eau de Parfum: sunscreen, salt on the skin, the ocean air on the Queens shoreline, where privet hedge flowers glow alongside pastel-coloured apartment buildings. New York in the late 1970s was a magical time for music. Kids everywhere were churning out tunes of teen angst, none more catchy than the Ramones. You could make a quick song about the simple joys of life - escaping to the beach from the filthy prison of the humid New York summer. I grew up near the beach and spent every day there in the summer. The scent in the air and on my skin after a dip in the water will always be home". -D.S. for Rockaway Beach Eau de Parfum.
  • Bohoboco Sea Salt Caramel Perfume: the contrasting notes of this fragrance are like a gust of refreshing breeze: harmonious, calm, but at the same time penetrating and decisive, interrupted by a few drops of dense caramel. The marine minerals and pink pepper, combined with a flirtatious sweetness, evoke carefree moments and magically transport one into a world without limits. 

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