Ortigia embodies the true essence of Sicily. Founded in 2006, this brand can now count on many product lines ranging from soaps to lotions and creams, up to the fragrances of perfumes and candles. The best ingredients of Sicily are the first source of inspiration for every single line. Quality, colors and tradition come together in products that exude personality.
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Ortigia: the Heart of Sicily in Fragrances, Ambient Fragrances and Niche Products

Ortigia, a small island off the coast of Syracuse, one of Sicily's most picturesque cities. During one of her travels, Sue Townsend, the brand's founder, landed on this beautiful island and fell in love with this unique land. Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Staufi, Angevins, Aragons and Bourbons are the peoples who have contributed to Sicily's beauty, and the creator of Ortigia Sicilia knows it well. She thus createda brand thattells the essence, colours and fragrances of this island in a collection of niche products for the body and home, from perfumes to creams, soaps, diffusers and iconic candles: Ortigia. 

Natural Niche Products of Ortigia

Ortigia Sicilia chooses to respect the land it celebrates: all products are natural base olive oil, vegetable glycerine and organic colours. The brand chooses to use and enhance natural Sicilian ingredients, such as Zagara or orange blossom, Lime, Bergamot, Pomegranate, Prickly Pear, Almond. A veritable hymnto the orange and lemon groves of Etna, the only place where the Red Oranges grow, to the Mandorla Amara, and the rich gifts of this land. All Ortigia Sicilia products are free of sls, nickel or silicone and are not tested on animals. These niche products are all manufactured by small family businesses that proudly claim the quality of their products.

Features of Ortigia Products

The packaging certainly deserves a mention, with its fine paper and tin boxes handmade using silver foil with embossed lettering. Glass vases and flasks are decorated with motifs evocative of Gattopards and palmse, inspired by the mosaics of the Norman Palace in Palermo - the oldest royal residence in Europe. In recent years, Ortigia's collection, already rich in perfumes, room diffusers, candles, niche body productshas expanded its range of household products, such as glass plates and trays, with the great Sicilian inspiration that has always distinguished the brand.

Ortigia Sicilia Bestseller Products on 50 ml

  • Ambra Nera Shower Gel: a natural, gentle olive oil-based shower gel. Its fragrance of black amber, with resinous, spicy and enveloping notes of Labdanum, Amber and Oakmoss is perfect for warming up cold winter days.
  • Can Box 5 Glass Plates: ua delightful decorated box containing five colourful glass dishes decorated with classic Sicilian themed motifs: prickly pear, orange blossom, florio, pomegranate and sandalwood.
  • Fico d'India Perfume Roll On: Tired of alcohol-based perfumes that irritate the skin? This prickly pear perfume roll-on will become your addiction. With a natural coconut oil base, this perfect miniature bottle to take everywhere with you is a real treat for the skin, which will find itself pleasantly pampered by an oil scented with the green and citrus notes of Prickly Pear perfume roll-on.
  • Fico d'India Eau de Parfum: Who has never been enchanted by the abundance of fruits of these almost desert-like plants in which the Sicilian lands are rich? The orange blossoms and sweetness of the Prickly Pear fruit seem like a miracle. Fico d'India Eau de Parfum, among the best-selling perfumes celebrates this plant with a fresh, dry and velvety scent.
  • Ambra Nera Perfume Oil Roll On: A precious glass bottle, easy to roll on thanks to the small sphere. Ideal to put in your handbag to carry Ambra Nera with you at all times, without allergies and irritations. With a natural base of coconut oil and notes ofResin, Spices, Labdanum, Oakmoss, Galbanum, Amber.

Ortigia Sicily Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Fico d'India Diffuser: "It perfumes my whole house, perfect for those who like fresh, non-aggressive room fragrances. I love the Ortigia prickly pear, I also recommend the Eau de Parfum" Giuseppina
  • Ambra Nera Eau de Parfum: "An enveloping and spicy fragrance that reminds me of the warm evenings on my island, Sicily... thanks to Ambra Nera, I return there a little more often. Valerio
  • Zagara Square Candle: "I personally find it a bit delicate, but my girlfriend likes it a lot because she can't stand too strong scents and loves orange blossom. It's definitely a candle that makes a nice presence. Luca
  • Ambra Nera Shampoo: "A great product, it leaves the hair super soft and nourished with a sensual but not cheeky scent." Veronica
  • Zagara Diffuser: "A perfect diffuser for the kitchen, it helps eliminate odours, but I also keep it in my room because it reminds me of orange blossoms. Very relaxing and delicate scent. Annamaria

Did you find out which product in the Ortigia line you will be won over by? We would like to remind you that you can buy samples online, to try out all the Ortigia Sicilia perfumes that have impressed you. Discover all Ortigia Sicilia candles: Prickly Pear, Zagara, Sicilian Lime, Pomegranate. Would you like to try the body line or would you prefer to buy Ortigia Sicilia products in shop? Come and visit us in Milan in our boutique in Viale Monte Nero 16You still haven't found the niche fragrance for you? Explore our catalogue to discover the best men's, women's and unisex fragrances, face and body creams, room diffusers, candles and more from the world of niche fragrances. Above €50 shipping to Italy is free! Free samples on request.