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Discover the sensual and enveloping notes of sweet women's and men's fragrances with 50 ml: let yourself be won over by the seductive invitation of vanilla, the gluttony of caramel and the intensity of chocolate! The world of niche perfumes is yet to be explored: in this section you will find many sweet and persistent fragrances for a unique effect on the skin. 

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Sweet Niche Perfumes: A Complete Guide

Sweet perfumes represent a seductive invitation to immerse oneself in a world of sweetness and olfactory pleasure. Sweet olfactory notes, often associated with gourmand perfumes, are like enveloping melodies that evoke sensations of warmth and comfort, transporting those who perceive them on an enchanted sensory journey. These notes, capable of capturing the essence of gourmand and inviting aromas, are often composed of captivating fragrances such as vanillacaramelchocolate and ripe fruits. Their olfactory bouquet is a symphony of sweetness that envelops the senses and caresses the soul, leaving a memorable and pleasant impressionSweet perfumes for men and women are an olfactory embrace, a gentle caress that gives pleasure and leaves an indelible memory, enchanting not only the wearer but also those who have the privilege of perceiving them.

Sweet persistent perfumes, sweet inebriating perfumes, sweet sensualvanilla and delicate… sweet perfumes have thousands of olfactory identities and will surprise you with every spray! Among the best-loved ingredients of the artistic perfumery, within the olfactory classification of sweet fragrances, we find the vanilla, which, with its enveloping sweetness, creates a feeling of well-being and nostalgia, bringing with it an enveloping and reassuring aura. Next comes the caramel, which, with its gluttonous character, is reminiscent of the most pleasant indulgences and satisfies the senses with its charming persistence. And finally, chocolate with its depth and complexity, evoking an idea of comfort and indulgent pleasure, plunging one into the sensory euphoria of a sweet temptation. These notes are characteristic of many sweet women's and men's fragrances, also known as gourmand perfumes, i.e. thoseartistic fragrances (and more) that go beyond simple sweetness, incorporating elements that recall culinary delicacies. These niche fragrances capture the essence of dessertscreams and pastries, making our mouths water. 

Discover the best sweet perfumes for men and women with us! 50 ml has been an official online reseller of some of the best original women's fragrancesmen's fragrances and unisex fragrances. Our goal is to support you in choosing the right niche fragrance for you through a service that makes you feel like you are in a boutique! On our website you will find lots of content and exclusive selections to start discovering the wonderful world of niche fragrances, learning your way around the world of artistic perfumery, and maturing your own olfactory taste. You can also find us on InstagramTik Tok and YouTube and read our Newsletter: on our channels you will find lots of original and exclusive content to become a true fragrance expert. In this section we have collected the best sweet perfumes for you: use the filters on the page to explore the catalogue!  


Women's Sweet Perfumes: Create your own Discovery Set

Don't know where to start when it comes to finding your own Sweet Women's Perfume? Don't worry: we'll help you! Here are some ideal fragrances to start exploring the world of sweet fragrances: buy samples online, try them all and find the perfect one for you!

  • Essential Parfums Divine Vanille Eau de ParfumThe perfect expression of olfactory harmony, skilfully constructed to allow the different nuances of vanilla to be fully enjoyed. This intelligent yet subtle composition offers layers of pleasure: the sweet, enveloping essence of pure vanilla dancing delicately around the skin, enriched by the velvety fruity note of suede and revealed by the facets of blond tobacco, peach skin and cinnamon-sprinkled wood. Divine Vanille is a sweet gourmand women's fragrance that strikes a delicate balance between simplicity and complexity.
  • Laboratorio Olfattivo Vanagloria Eau de ParfumThis sweet and sensual, very feminine and vanilla-infused perfume is part of the Masters' Collection and was created by master perfumer Dominique Ropion, working with a fine quality of LMR vanilla pods, amplifying their subtle tones. The bourbon vanilla, cultivated in the Indian Ocean, has been extracted using the CO2 technique, revealing all its gourmand, floral, leathery and spicy nuances. Its leathery profile is intensified by saffron, enriched by the addictive tonka bean, while incense adds a mystical touch to the composition. Vanagloria is a sweet fragrance that expresses the pure and complex essence of vanilla, representing an enthralling and enveloping olfactory experience.
  • Gabriella Chieffo Lattedoro Eau de ParfumCinnamon, ginger, milk and nutmeg, a mouth-watering delight on a base of vanilla, sandalwood and leather: this sweet women's fragrance is absolutely to be tried at least once in a lifetime for those who love gourmand and nostalgic notes that evoke happy childhood moments.
  • Kilian Love Don't Be Shy Eau de ParfumThe most sensual sweet perfume for women in this selection: exhilarating and memorable, this fragrance starts with a delicate explosion of orange blossom. The innocence of first love is manifested through juicy honeysuckle and rose, caressed by the sweetness of the marshmallow sugar accord, which satisfies the longing for new love. A warm, amber base lends a touch of sensuality, hinting at the possibility of meeting another soul, inside and out. Love, Don't Be Shy Eau de Parfum belongs to Kilian's Narcotics family. From orange blossom to gardenia, Kilian flowers seem to be almost as addictive as narcotics. Each Kilian refillable perfume bottle is a true objet d'art, crafted with great care.
  • Penhaligon’s Changing Costance Eau de ParfumAn intriguing note of salted caramel, tobacco and cashmeran is combined with a delicious vanilla, creating a sweet and sensual perfume for women that cannot be missed on the skin. This fragrance from the Portraits Line, moreover, is a masterpiece of packaging to be discovered.


Men's Sweet Perfumes: Create your own Discovery Set

Don't know where to start when it comes to finding your sweet men's perfume? Don't worry: we'll help you! Here are some ideal fragrances to start exploring the world of sweet fragrances: buy samples online, try them all and find the perfect one for you!

  • Lorenzo Pazzaglia Van Py Rhum Extrait de ParfumRhum drops flow over a soft embrace of vanilla. It is a languid melody, composed of shadowy patchouli dancing among white flowers, a whisper that tells a story of enveloping elegance. Van Py Rhum Extrait de Parfum is a sweet and floral fragrance, enriched with an exotic note that makes it unique. This sweet, persistent men's fragrance will quickly become your signature fragrance!
  • Simone Andreoli Don't Ask Me Permission Eau de ParfumGourmand fruits (passion fruit and peach) and sugar, a cocktail of lime, sweet orange on a base of musks and grey amber: this is Don’t Ask Me Permission a sensual and intoxicating sweet masculine perfume that will last all day on your skin.
  • Kilian Gold Knight Eau de ParfumElegant and audacious, this sweet men's fragrance is an ode to the majesty of Klimt's charming knight in gold armour, a work from 1902. Perfumer Pascal Gaurin describes this fragrance as a marriage of refinement and eroticism, brilliant with deep sensuality. Gold Knight Eau de Parfum blends the intense sensuality of patchouli with the effervescent radiance of bergamot and the warm golden shimmer of vanilla and aniseed. Belonging to the Kilian Cellars family, this fragrance is a representation of woody notes, from sandalwood to cedar, from patchouli to vetiver, always with the distinctive Kilian touch: rum, coffee, cocoa, cognac, whisky, in homage to the heritage of Kilian Hennessy. A refined and distinctive niche men's fragrance.
  • Franck Boclet Tobacco Eau de ParfumThis vanilla perfume for men has a name that reveals its essence, but surprises with an unprecedented result. Tobacco, with its strong taste that usually arouses love or aversion, finds here a welcome harmony with notes designed to make it pleasant for everyone. Accompanied by ginger and plum, on a carpet of sweetness and vanilla, the tobacco aroma is presented in a balanced and elegant form. Top notes of ginger, tobacco and plum gently blend, followed by heart notes of clove, tonka bean and cedar. The fragrance is completed with base notes of vetiver, benzoin and vanilla, confirming its refinement and persistence.
  • Parfums de Marly Pegasus Exclusif ParfumThis sweet men's fragrance presents itself as a noble and liberated interpretation of contemporary masculinity, defying pre-packaged olfactory stereotypes. The essence of this fragrance is channelled into an elegant image of deconstructed masculinity, a reflection of modern times. Enclosed in a seductive matt metallic bottle in dark brown tones, this fragrance expresses irresistible luxury. The exclusive nature of each ingredient blends in an intense alchemy, giving the wearer exceptional strength and endurance. Pegasus Exclusif is a distinctive fragrance that comes to life on the skin, telling a story of character and authenticity.


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