Mario Lorenzin

Mario Lorenzin
Mario Lorenzin 1975 combines skilled craftsmanship, experience, ancient recipes and herbal studies to put the ability of nature at your service to restore the beauty of your hair. Key ingredients of Mario Lorenzin's products are radicchio, grown by hand in local areas, and a strict green philosophy to preserve the active ingredients of all the herbs.
Mario Lorenzin
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Mario Lorenzin Perfumes: Wellbeing for Your Hair

Mario Lorenzin is a renowned Italian brand specialising in the production and distribution of hair and beard products. Founded by Mario Lorenzin in 1975, the company is based in Resana, in the province of Treviso. The Mario Lorenzin brand is distinguished by the use of radicchio, a vegetable rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as the main ingredient of its products.

The Mario Lorenzin brand is committed to the cultivation of radicchio in its gardens located in the renowned Treviso region. The radicchio used is harvested by hand and then macerated and extracted on site, at km 0, keeping its valuable properties and active ingredients intact. This approach allows us to offer high-quality products, with full respect for people, the environment and nature.


“Made as Mario”: The Philosophy behind Mario Lorenzin Products

Still today, the brand produces products “Made as Mario”: created just as Mario did. They select the best radicchio and extract the most valuable parts by cold grinding. According to Andy Warhol, having the earth and not ruining it is the most beautiful art form one could wish for. Their natural hair products are inspired by nature and are health and wellness supplements for the hair and the person. They are handcrafted and hold the secrets of ancient herbal recipes handed down through generations, totally made in Italy. In a world where everything is consumed in haste, their treatments invite you to slow down, rediscover the simple gestures and savour the pleasure of waiting, taking care of yourself in a slower, more reflective dimension of time. Their product lines are an exclusive source of beauty and care for all hair types and a precious source of personal well-being.


Mario Lorenzin Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Mario Lorenzin CARISMA Natural Shampoo for men: a high-quality cleanser designed for men's hair, suitable for frequent washing, allowing daily hair hygiene. It is an iso-epidermic product, chemically similar to the skin, and maintains the lipid balance of the tissues. With its physiological pH it does not leave the hair oily, does not cause the rebound effect, i.e. the additional production of fat by the scalp, and does not irritate the layers of the epidermis.
  • Mario Lorenzin GOCCIA DI CARISMA Shower Box for man: a box with products that bring the beneficial effects of radicchio not only to your hair but also to your body. A box to make you feel confident and completely at ease in all circumstances. Thanks to the organic formulation of our radicchio and fig shower foam your skin will be naturally soft, moisturised and fragrant all day long. Also available as Mario Lorenzin GOCCIA DI BELLEZZA Shower Box for women.
  • Mario Lorenzin GOCCIA Natural Body Wash: a moisturising and energising cleanser based on natural ingredients, free of chemical additives, and suitable for all skin types. It combines the balancing properties of fig and radicchio, which work gently on the skin to eliminate impurities. The natural formula with organic ingredients (a true supplement of well-being and health) and a light but persistent fragrance make it perfect for taking care of your body every day while indulging in a pleasant moment of aromatherapeutic relaxation.
  • Mario Lorenzin RADICCHIO Woman Hair Kit: a Tricological Radicchio treatment is the complete cosmetic treatment for the care and beauty of hair and scalp. A specific treatment that nourishes the hair and rebalances the scalp, promoting overall psychophysical balance. Tricological Radicchio Treatment is composed of Radicchio “Rebirth” Lotion, a hydro-alcoholic infusion of cold-treated herbs, and Radicchio Shampoo, a cleanser with physiological pH that completes the effect of the lotion. Also available in the version Mario Lorenzin Men Hair Kit
  • Mario Lorenzin TENACIA Strengthening Natural Shampoo for Men: a high-quality cleanser that combines the effectiveness of the Radicchio RINASCITA Lotion and the gentle cleansing of the Organic Radicchio Shampoo in one product. Constant washing helps normalise the state of the scalp and the hair's life cycle. Suitable for both men and women.


Mario Lorenzin Perfumes Reviews: Discover the Opinions of Our Customers!

  • Mario Lorenzin RUGIADA Beard Oil: "Every time I put Goccia di Rugiada on, I feel like I've just been to the barber. The oil is light, non-greasy and leaves my beard soft and shiny. The slightly spicy scent is delightful and lasts a long time. It has become a must in my beard care routine and not only: I often use it as a hair oil for the tips." Marco
  • Mario Lorenzin BELLEZZA Natural shampoo for women: "A real panacea for my damaged hair. After using it, my hair is silkier, shinier and easier to comb. Also, I love the delicate scent it leaves on my hair. It is worth it, I recommend it to everyone who is looking for a gentle solution for their hair." Martina
  • Mario Lorenzin RINASCITA Lotion Radicchio: "I have been using it for a fortnight now and it has won me over! I have noticed a significant reduction in hair loss and healthier regrowth. The lotion absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky residue. I recommend it!" Luca
  • Mario Lorenzin SEGRETO Strengthening Natural Shampoo: "The Mario Lorenzin shampoo is one of the best products I've taken lately. After using it, my hair appears fuller and voluminous, but not heavy. I also really appreciate the fact that the shampoo is gentle and does not attack the scalp. I recommend it to anyone who wants voluminous and healthy hair." Sara
  • Mario Lorenzin RESPIRO Beard Shampoo“My girlfriend gave me the Mario Lorenzin shampoo and beard oil for my birthday, and I must say that I am finding it very good: they leave my beard well cleaned and perfumed, without it being dry or shaggy.” Vin


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