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Goldfield & Banks
Goldfield & Banks celebrates the value of discovery by paying homage to the naturalist and explorer Joseph Banks. The rarest essences of Australia are enhanced with the best ingredients from all around the world. The wild spirit of the continent, from the pristine beaches of the southern coast to the endless red earth plains of the desert, is enclosed in fragrances that are indissolubly revealed on the skin.
Goldfield & Banks
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Goldfield & Banks Perfumes

The Goldfield & Banks line of luxury perfumes was born from the indomitable curiosity of its founder, Dimitri Weber, and his great passion for travel and for Australia, an enigmatic land full of contrasts. The spirit of the maison encapsulates the extraordinary beauty of the unspoilt, rugged and desolate landscapes of the land of kangaroos, and also pays homage to the artistic skill of Joseph Banks, the first Australian landscape painter to reveal the continent's great botanical wealth to the European world. All Goldfield & Banks fragrances are constructed from the best olfactory ingredients from around the world, enhanced by pure essences of seeds, woods, flowers, lichens, resins, leaves and fruits characteristic of the Australian land.


The Goldfield & Banks Collection

Each fragrance is a sensory experience that evokes distant and unprecedented landscapes: the different colours pay homage to the nuances of Australia, transforming Goldfield & Banks perfumes into true collector's items. The Goldfield & Banks line includes a careful selection of intense and sophisticated Extrait de Parfum. Even the product packaging reflects the dynamism of the Australian landscape and captures the deep darkness of the night sky. The labels of all perfume extracts reproduce the shapes of Banksia leaves. The result is a modern, timeless line of luxury perfumes that perfectly suits the tastes of anyone who loves to wear an intense, high quality scent.


Goldfield & Banks Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml

Are you curious to find out which perfumes are best loved by 50 ml customers?

  • Goldfield & Banks Silky Woods EXT: this intense unisex fragrance is infused with precious Agarwood. Silky Woods is the debut luxury fragrance of Goldfield & Banks' Botanical Series line. To a modern oriental sillage of Suede, exotic Vanilla and smoky Tobacco Leaves, Goldfield & Banks has added refined essences of Saffron, Frankincense, Ylang-Ylang and native Sandalwood. Silky Woods is a celebration of the abundance of Australian organic ingredients!

  • Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime EXT: it's an intensely citrusy Extrait de Parfum, suitable for him and her, without distinction. This fragrance evokes an image of native citrus trees that owe their lives to the nearby fresh waterfalls. With its invigorating opening of Australian Finger Lime and Coriander, Bohemian Lime reveals blissful base notes of vetiver, cedarwood and sandalwood. Bohemian Lime is a carefree fragrance and ode to Byron Bay, Australia's premier free-spirited tropical enclave and the place where Australia first meets the sun.

  • Goldfield & Banks Pacific Rock Moss EXT: it's a marine Extrait de Parfum, inspired by the South Wales coast. Cedarwood lends this fragrance a robust base, upon which a fresh scent of sea spray on summer days plunges into the azure. A fragrance for men and women, inspired by waves crashing on sun-kissed rocks and long days turning into warm summer nights.

  • Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood EXT: it's an oriental, leathery fragrance that evokes the dense arid forests of Australia's central highlands. A heady rush through the resinous swamp of the Australian desert, it opens the way to the sweetness of Mandarin and Vanilla, before merging with an exotic blend of wood and spices.

  • Goldfield & Banks Discovery Kit: if one is not enough for you, with the discovery kit you can try the brand's iconic fragrances to discover the soul of Australia in every facet, from sunrise to sunset!


Goldfield & Banks Perfumes Opinions: Discover our Customers' Reviews!

  • Goldfield & Banks Sunset Hour EXT: "A sweet and fruity summer scent, whose notes take me back to the beach at sunset, with the sand between my toes and a very fresh cocktail in my hand!" - Geneva

  • Goldfield & Banks Ingenious Ginger EXT: "My friend told me about this perfume, and I've gotta say, whenever I put it on, it makes me feel like I'm in sync with nature. It's just pure joy and carefree vibes!" - Carol

  • Goldfield & Banks Purple Suede EXT: "This fragrance is seriously something else. The mix of lavender and leather is just mind-blowing, and the trail it leaves behind is super bold and intense. It's basically the scent I've been looking for my whole life!"- Marcel

  • Goldfield & Banks Wood Infusion EXT: "A triumph of exotic woods that takes me straight back to my trip to Australia. It lingers for a while and has this fantastic, strong aroma. I really like this fragrance!" - Thomas

  • Goldfield & Banks Island Lush EXT: "I've never come across a fragrance like this before! It's like a total energy booster, and at the same time, it makes you feel super classy and sexy." - Lucy


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