The Essential Blend

The Essential Blend

The Essential Blend is a brand of room fragrances that encapsulates the passion handed down from father to son for four generations. The creations are designed to convey authentic emotions, celebrating the territories of the heart and the temples of essential culture. Each fragrance is marked with a number that tells a scented story and consecrates its olfactory signature.

The Essential Blend
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The Essential Blend Products

The story of The Essential Blend is one of olfactory heritage, a passion for the world of perfumery shared and handed down from father to son for four generations. This is the collection of room fragrances inspired by the Campomarzio70 Essential Stores, a brand that since the 20s has been providing Italians with the best luxury fragrances on the market. Underlying everything is always a single desire: to discover and propose creations capable of conveying authentic emotions.

The History of The Essential Blend and Campomarzio70

At the helm of the Campomarzio70 shops, there has always been a perfumed family. For four generations, from 1926 to the present day, the Di Liello family has experienced perfumes with an unrivalled passion, handed down from father to son. A brand that has always paid particular attention to the work of those artists who create fragrances driven by a desire to communicate their own vision of the world, aware that they will leave a trace in each of the people who smell them. Fragrances that evoke different images, lives and experiences. Thanks to continuous research and an innate sensitivity towards the most beautiful fragrances and the most exclusive cosmetics, Campomarzio70 is a reference point not only for perfume lovers but also for those who create them.


The Essential Blend

Campomarzio70 celebrates its stores, places of culture where beauty is celebrated in its most intangible form: perfume. All the fragrances are marked by a number, the house number of each of the temples of essential perfumery. Each tells a story full of fragrances, experiences, emotions and art. Each one delineates the character of a place and consecrates its olfactory signature.

Piazza della Rotonda 70 A, Via di Campo Marzio 70, Via Vittoria 52…

These are the addresses of the first Essential Store Campomarzio70, a milestone in the history of the brand and also of Italian perfumery. The Campomarzio story was born, and honoured in the stories of these unique perfumes.


The Essential Blend Best Seller products on 50 ml:

  • The Essential Blend N 8 Room Spray: In sunny Tuscany, at sunset, a stroll through a pine forest, where the citrusy, green scents of bergamot and petitgrain blend with the floral aromas of hydrangea and linden blossom. In the background, notes of cedarwood and marine accord evoke afternoons spent at the edge of the pine forest, bringing to mind the sea breeze mixed with saltiness. Enjoy N 8 Environment Spray.
  • The Essential Blend N 70 Diffuser: The pulsating spirit of the ancient Roman Campus Martius, the public area consecrated to Mars, the god of war, where the military triumphs of Ancient Rome were celebrated, inspires the fragrance of N 70 Diffuser, which could not fail to smell of an intense, warm, woody amber base.
  • The Essential Blend N 52 Room Spray: The great beauty of the courtyard of the famous Palazzo Gomez-Silj in Rome where, amidst art and decadence, amid Roman-era fountains and ancient sculptures, stands a mandarin tree. With candied, almost gourmand notes, N 52 Room Spray is a hymn to the centre of Rome on a winter's day, mitigated by the warm rays of the sun.
  • The Essential Blend N 70 A Diffuser: An enveloping heart of incense reveals a fragrance as sacred and spiritual as the Pantheon, a temple dedicated to all divinities past, present and future, renamed in Christian times the Basilica of Santa Maria della Rotonda. The magic of the Pantheon is the inspiration for the fragrance of Diffuser N 70A.
  • The Essential Blend N 9 Room Spray: From the summit of Vertigine Bianca, at the foot of the Tofane Mountains, during the first Winter Olympics, held in Italy in 1956. Between past and future, the talc-like fragrance of N 9 Room Spray, soft and delicate but at the same time persistent and enveloping, pays homage to the great Queen of the Dolomites.

The Essential Blend Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • The Essential Blend N 2 Diffuser: “It has a unique, distinctive scent. The combination of whisky, leather and orange blossom gives the fragrance an almost masculine yet soft body. Amber, rose, saffron…are many notes that are part of this diffuser, creating an elegant and sophisticated feeling of calm in the home.” Alberto
  • The Essential Blend N 65 Room Spray: “My absolute favourite room fragrance! I spray a little bit of it around every day before I leave for work, so I start the day off right and know that I will be greeted by this wonderful scent as soon as I get back. It has a floral and somewhat citrusy scent, but in general, it really is the first time I have ever smelled a real Poudre accord in an ambience spray. What luxury! ” Teresa
  • The Essential Blend N 52 Diffuser: “A triumph of mandarins and clementines, with a sweet, musky note in the background and some orange blossom peeping through. I have been using it in my living room for about a month and will definitely buy it again. Congratulations! ” Alessandra
  • The Essential Blend N 70 Room Spray: “Wow. I honestly have no words, I don't think I have ever heard of such a complex and well-thought-out room fragrance. It feels as if they have taken a personal perfume and turned it into an ambience spray, which is impressive. I keep one in the house and one in the car”. Alfredo
  • The Essential Blend N 100 Diffuser: “Really very good, it tastes like a coffee is a bit sweet with a hint of rose and amber to intrigue, like a breakfast with a well-smelling woman.” Josephine


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