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Miller et Bertaux
Miller et Bertaux is a French perfumery house born from the genius of Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux. Two friends, two partners, two artists. In 1985, Miller and Bertaux created a universe of fragrances born from their travel experiences around the world: fragrances for both body and soul, that must be enjoyed day by day.
Miller et Bertaux
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Miller et Bertaux Perfumes: a Journey into the World of Perfumery

Miller et Bertaux perfumes are a story of art and travel: Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux, two passionate artists and travellers, created a universe of perfumes inspired by their travels. Today, they are among the best luxury perfumes of the perfumery niche, and accompany us every day with exotic fragrances that leave us with the nostalgia of places we have never visited. Discover with us the wonderful Miller et Bertaux fragrances, the house that offers a glimpse of exotic landscapes in a bottle. Stay with us to learn more about their history, their philosophy and their best products.

Miller Et Bertaux: The Origins

Miller and Bertaux had met in Paris in the 1970s and had immediately established a bond based on their love for art, music and fashion. Miller, a painter and sculptor, had a keen aesthetic sense, while Bertaux, a fashion designer, had a unique eye for detail. The two travelling companions' first business consisted of a boutique in the Marais (Paris), where they had been exhibiting their creations of clothing and objects from their explorations since 1985. Soon their artistic vision expanded to perfumes, bringing a breath of fresh (and exotic) air to the world of perfumery.

Their shop was decorated with a few poetic words written on white walls and large strokes of paint thrown "à la Pollock". Miller and Bertaux had created an environment that captured the essence of their artistic vision and journeys. Soon their universe expanded to include unique fragrances that have made their brand world-famous.

Today, Miller et Bertaux is a brand known worldwide for its attention to detail, its use of quality ingredients and its commitment to sustainability. Maisons such as Miller et Bertaux are the ultimate example of the tradition of niche perfumery, offering fragrances that are at once uniqueevocative and sophisticated.

They are the ultimate example of the tradition of niche perfumery, offering fragrances that are at once uniqueevocative and sophisticated. They are the ultimate example of the tradition of niche perfumery.


Miller and Bertaux's Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

Miller and Bertaux are committed to providing complex fragrances that take you on a sensory journey. Each fragrance is created with poetry and passion to transmit the culture and scents of different countries around the world in a respectful and faithful manner. The brand is committed to French production, especially in Provence, to guarantee the high quality of ingredients.

Miller and Bertaux use selected ingredients, of organic or natural origin and free of allergens. The list of ingredients is clearly indicated on the product packaging. The brand has decided not to use certain harmful substances such as parabens, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, PEG and others. In addition, Miller and Bertaux pledge not to test their products on animals. The brand has also adopted a sustainable development approach to limit its environmental impact. Product packaging is made of recyclable materials, such as cardboard and glass. Miller and Bertaux collaborate with local suppliers to limit the transport of products as much as possible.


The fragrances of Miller and Bertaux

The fragrances of Miller and Bertaux are unique and complex. They were created with poetry and passion to represent the essence of the artists' journeys and life experiences. Each fragrance tells a different story, with olfactory notes that recall the scents and cultures of the countries visited. Miller et Bertaux perfumes are unisex: available for both women and men with no gender distinction. Each fragrance has been formulated to minimise the presence of allergens and uses only high-quality ingredients.


Miller et Bertaux Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Miller et Bertaux Aymara Eau de Parfum: this fragrance is the fourth and final part of the collection composed of Menta y Menta, Pimiento +++ and Malagasy. Aymara Eau de Parfum is defined by the evocation of a new journey, which takes us to the Bolivian highlands, to meet a people anchored in their roots and steeped in spirituality. This perfume with its woody and spicy notes claims the Palo Santo, used by the Aymara as a purifying incense.
  • Miller et Bertaux New Study Eau de Parfum: is a postcard sent from a Mediterranean island, where, as artists-in-residence, they spend months writing, designing and imagining new fragrances. It was during this personal experience that they created a fresh, lived-in fragrance that opens in warm shades of yellow. Notes of green orange, wild lemon, Cuban grapefruit, cut herbs, white petals, woods, fig and coconut.
  • Miller et Bertaux Study #23 Eau de Parfum: A contemporary fragrance in which notes of incense and sacred wood predominate. An olfactory postcard sent from India, very dear to the two creators of the French brand, or perhaps from the island of Bali. Notes of Miller et Bertaux Study 23: Frankincense, Patchouli Leaves, Yellow Flowers, Cedar Fumé and Sandalwood.
  • Miller et Bertaux close your eyes, and… Eau de Parfum: a magical fragrance that settles on your skin and knows how to stay there. Close your eyes and let yourself be transported by a rose note that blends with sparkling lemon and woody notes of guaiac wood. Finally, savour the tasty flavour of pear resting on a base of almonds, heliotrope and cinnamon. Close your eyes, and...combine 1000 antique roses from Turkey with vibrant Sicilian lemon peels.
  • Miller et Bertaux Pimiento +++ Eau de Parfum: Pimiento +++ is the sixteenth fragrance from Miller et Bertaux. An aromatic infusion? An aromatic cocktail? An aromatic cologne? All three definitions are valid. Pimiento +++ is a high-contrast Mexican cocktail in which the warmth of saffron and chilli pepper meets the freshness of alcohol and ice cubes. A fragrance full of sensuality.


Miller et Bertaux Perfumes Opinions: Discover Our Customers' Reviews!

  • Miller et Bertaux #1 (for you)/parfum trouvé Eau de Parfum: “A very special perfume, warm, almost hypnotic. It resembles a vivid yellow oriental flower, an original and unexpected mix of woods, spices and flowers. The notes of ylang-ylang are the icing on the cake of an already phenomenal perfume." Emily
  • Miller et Bertaux A Quiet Morning Eau de Parfum: “I love the unique notes of this perfume. I was pleasantly surprised by its special composition, in which rare notes such as saffron, basmati rice and turmeric, but also more popular ones such as sandalwood, cedar and orange blossom. It almost feels like walking through a mountain village somewhere in Asia, the fresh air mixing with exotic notes. A very versatile fragrance that will appeal to many.” Davide
  • Miller et Bertaux Menta y Menta Eau de Parfum: “A fragrance reminiscent of the mint tea so popular in Morocco. Green, aromatic, crisp, fresh…To the notes of tea and mint are added almost like a dream those of citrus peel and coffee beans; as if our tablemates had chosen something different :) is a perfect fragrance, with a masterfully balanced pyramid that also manages to be photorealistic. An addictive fragrance.” Ayla
  • Miller et Bertaux Oh, ooOoh ...oh Eau de Parfum: “Imagine you are in a forest. You are sitting on a redwood branch, the woody, aromatic and almost balsamic scents of the trees and undergrowth around you invite you to explore. Some smoke rises from the bonfire, and the light orange fragrance of your breakfast joins that of the fur with which you fight the crisp morning air. Open your eyes.” Francis
  • Miller et Bertaux #3 green, green, green Eau de Parfum: “A green scent that wins you over immediately. Perfect for summer and for when you want to give a slightly more sparkling impression. It reminds me a lot of the scent of the Aloysia Citrodora in my grandmother's garden (some call it citronella, others verbena). Beautiful as always, the packaging, with its minimalist bottle yet clear how much work there is behind it.” Lara


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