Juliette has a Gun

Juliette has a Gun
Juliette has a gun is a line of fragrances created by Romano Ricci for the woman of the 21st century. Unlike the vulnerable and defenseless Shakespearean Juliet, today's woman has one more powerful weapon: her perfume. A weapon that hits more than a gun, through seduction and a persuasion that is sometimes sweet and silent, sometimes sharp and uncontrollable.
Juliette has a Gun
Set Descending Direction

Juliette Has a Gun

The world of Juliette has a gun è a perfume brand that speaks to women and offers a collection of original and innovative fragrances. The idea behind the brand is to offer women a weapon of seduction in the form of perfume that makes them safe and free to express their personality in any situation. The fashion house Juliette has a gun is inspired by the figure of Julietta, Shakespeare's heroine, interpreted in a modern and original way. Juliet è a strong and free woman, who does not let herself be conditioned by gender stereotypes and who expresses her personality in an authentic and uncompromising manner.


Features of Juliette Has a Gun

Juliette has a gun, the perfume brand created by Romano Ricci, challenged the highly codified world of perfumery when it was launched over fifteen years ago. The great-grandson of the legendary Nina Ricci, Romano has been able to break free from this legacy to become first and foremost a creator, bringing each fragrance to life with a unique and personal character that goes beyond the simple olfactory identity.As artistic director of the brand, Romano is convinced that perfume is an art and craft that must be preserved and enhanced. With each new fragrance, Romano's nose paints a vision of conquered femininity, independent and unapologetic.The Juliette has a gun brand is distinguished by its ability to create fragrances that not only scent the skin, but also the personality of the woman who wears them. Each fragrance tells a story, expresses an emotion and represents a vision of femininity that goes beyond gender stereotypes.


Bestselling Products Juliette Has a Gun on 50 ml

  • Discovery Set: The Discovery Set è a great choice for those who want to discover and experiment with Juliette has a Gun fragrances without committing to buying a whole bottle. Not a Parfume è a unique, minimalist fragrance that contains only one note, ambroxan, and is perfectly suited to those seeking a simple, sophisticated scent. The other fragrances in the set offer a variety of scents, including the sweet and fruity Pear Inc., the oriental and spicy Vanilla Vibes, the floral and feminine MMMM..., the fresh and floral Magnolia Bliss, the soft and sensual Musc Invisible and the assertive and provocative Lady Vengeance.
  • Not a Perfume Eau de Parfum: The creator of Juliette has a Gun, Romano Ricci, chose to use a single element, Ambroxan, as the main note in his Not a Parfume fragrance. Ricci decided to let it play the main role, creating a minimalist and pure fragrance. Moreover, Ambroxan è is completely hypoallergenic. The result è an elegant and sophisticated fragrance that is perfectly suited to those seeking a unique and minimalist olfactory experience.
  • Not a Perfume Superdose: For lovers of Not a Perfume who want an even more intense olfactory experience, Juliette has a Gun has created an "overdose" version of the fragrance, which promises to be an explosion of freshness and cleanliness. This fragrance has been developed to meet the needs of those who seek something more intense than the original fragrance, but at the same time wish to retain the same purity and elegance as the original.
  • Vanilla Vibes Eau de Parfum: The secret ingredient that makes this fragrance unique is Fleur de sel, a refined variety of salt harvested from salt marshes in the Camargue, the coastal town of Guérande and the islands of Noirmoutier and Île de Ré on the Atlantic coast. This ingredient adds a touch of freshness and originality to the fragrance, creating a striking contrast with the sweet, enveloping notes of sandalwood and vanilla.
  • Not a Shower Gel: This delicate shower gel features the incredible scent of Not a Perfume, a unique fragrance composed of a single element called Cetalox. Usually used in perfumery as a base note, it plays the main role in this fragrance, creating a minimalist and elegant olfactory experience. In addition, the fact that this particular composition is completely allergen-free makes it suitable for all people, even those with sensitive skin or allergies.


Juliette Has a Gun Opinions: Read our Customers' Reviews

  • Pear Inc Eau de Parfum: "A bextremely fragrance, never tiring, sweet and sparkling at the same time, a fruity gazpacho on the skin, never dull" Chiara
  • Not a Hand Cream: “The scent è irresistible and so I bought the whole collection, including the hand cream!"> Lucia
  • Not a Hair and Body Mist: “In general I find it too much work to wear perfume every day. This mist è very light and delicate, perfect for an enveloping sensation of freshness after a shower or to spray on your hair for a special evening" Sara
  • Not a Perfume Room Spray: “A room spray that looks like no other, and è that's exactly what I like. A bright fragrance that smells clean, but at the same time surprises you”Giulia
  • Musc Invisible Eau de Parfum: Musc Invisible è a wonderful fragrance!  A very delicate, intimate fragrance, absolutely not overpowering but which leaves an incredible sensation, of relaxation and comfort. It tastes clean, è very delicate and è the ideal for those who want to have the sensation of clean” Aurora

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