Bohoboco perfumes are an extension of the soul of Michał Gilbert Lawn, their creator. Bohoboco is a story of freedom, in which gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, faith or interests do not matter. The perfume does not impose rules, but allows you to enter your inner temple and discover the path of your life, living in harmony with yourself. 

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Bohoboco: free and inclusive perfumes

The brand in the words of its founder, Michel Gilbert Lach: «a story of freedom where gender, skin colour, orientation, faith create no distinctions. Perfume imposes no rules, it allows you to access your inner temple and discover your life path so that you can live in harmony with yourself. Each bottle is a different story or an inspiration, an incredible experience, a fantastic way to communicate with the world. Fragrances are a tool fortelling ourselves in a non-verbal dialogue».

Features of Bohoboco Parfums

A niche perfume collection that seduces and intrigues with its depth. Unisex è their name and the soul of the fragrances è an inner transformation, experience and rebirth. The fragrances are perfect for women and men, creating a beautiful story of libertà and tolerance, demonstrating the uniqueness of each. The originality of the fragrance combined with the uniqueness of each person: this is what creates the magic of perfume and the fact that it is different each time, celebrating our deepest essence. Perfume becomes a fundamental part of our lives and decisive at decisive moments, emphasising personality and giving strength and character to the wearer. These Extrait de Parfum are very persistent, because the essences contain 30% perfumed oils.

Bestselling Bohoboco Perfumes on 50 ml

  • Wet Cherry Liquor Perfume: The heady liqueur that introduces to the passionate sensations of adulthood and the cherry syrup that recalls the first innocent pleasures mingle, creating sensations enriched by caramel and the subtle note of strawberry, with a deep aroma of sandalwood and aromatic vanilla. Desire blends with satisfaction and fruity strength; complemented by the expressive, spicy accords of vetiver wood and the intense, spicy aroma of tonka beans. The composition of the Wet Cherry Liquor perfume provokes, enveloping sensually.
  • Sea Salt Caramel Perfume: The contrasting notes of this fragrance come together in a harmonious and calmrefreshing breeze, yet at the same time penetrating and decisive, interrupted by a few drops of dense caramel. Marine minerals and pink pepper, together with a flirtatious sweetness, evoke moments of carefreeness and magically transport one into a world without limits.
  • Coffee White Flowers Perfume: Sensual notes of coffeeè, golden rum and vanilla blend with the delicacy of white flowers, creating an enthralling combination that is the quintessential essence of Coffee White Flowers Perfume's unique composition.
  • Eucalyptus Patchouli Perfume: This mystical fragrance releases a sensation of freshness and energy that awakens the senses. Pink pepper notes, enlivened by the intense aroma of patchouli and intertwined with cardamom, amplify its intensity. A fragrance charged with strong emotions, evoking a unique and surprising state of mind.


Bohoboco Perfumes Reviews: See all our Customer Reviews

  • Dark Vinyl Musk Perfume:Notes of leather and incense at first very strong and angular that give that sense of closed in. Then slowly they 'unwind', the leather quiets down, the incense softens and becomes bright and airy, I can smell the musks coming through and they give me a feeling of something natural. A spiritual scent.” Nicola
  • Red Wine Brown Sugar Perfume: “A perfume that smells of wine, the most realistic wine I have smelled so far, combined with a sweet and warm, creamy and caramel note. Not surprisingly, I smell something smoky and burning. The dried fruit paves the way for the woody base that is accompanied by liqueur notes. A perfume that warms and soothes the soul just like a glass of red drunk in front of the warmth of a fireplace” Lucia
  • Jasmine White Leather Perfume:An absolutely intriguing leathery jasmine, with a citrusy opening and a rich, complex floral heart, in which jasmine prevails with its enveloping sensuality. A creamy base of leather, tonka bean and vanilla, and what more could you want? ” Barbara
  • Olibanum Gardenia Perfume: “An incense unlike many others: sparkling, calming, in some ways sweet. I find it white, airy and clean. The cedarwood is clearly perceived, with its sharpened pencil-like accord. It is made creamy by the woody sweetness of coconut, while in the background I perceive a fresh and very real lime. Incense è hidden between these elements, which envelop it and protect it”. Hugo

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