Alex+ by Alex Perfume

Alex Plus by Alex Perfume

Alex+ by Alex Perfume arises from a challenge by its founder: to make the fragrance perceivable even through a screen. Alex surpasses limits, breaking the mold by perfectly translating the essence of its fragrances into words and transforming images into bottled scents. More than just an olfactory experience: Alex+ By Alex Perfume is a glitch in the system.

Alex Plus by Alex Perfume
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Alex+ by Alex Perfume Perfumes 

The exclusive collection of Alex+ by Alex Perfume perfumes stems from a revolutionary collaboration between the renowned fragrance content creator and influencer Alex Perfume and the esteemed master perfumer Arturetto Landi. This line of intense and bold perfumes celebrates the art of perfumery, positioning itself as a luxury choice for niche fragrance enthusiasts and those seeking new and extraordinary sensory experiences. Each fragrance tells a story, reflecting the personality and out-of-the-box vision of Alex Perfume. Breaking conventional boundaries, the Alex+ by Alex Perfume perfumes  are the result of thoughts and ideas transformed into unique and engaging fragrances: a true glitch in the system.

Alex+ by Alex Perfume is much more than just a perfume line: it is an invitation to explore, to push one's limits, and to be captivated by the charm of fragrances. And, thanks to Alex Perfume and Arturetto Landi, now this dream has become a reality for all lovers of artistic perfumery.


The Alex+ by Alex Perfume Collection

Each fragrance in the Alex+ by Alex Perfume collection has been carefully crafted to offer unique, long-lasting, and engaging olfactory experiencestailored to satisfy a wide range of tastes and preferences. If you prefer fresh fragrances that transport you through verdant forest expanses, Salvia+ is the aromatic niche fragrance with an intense trail for you! If you're looking for a more enveloping and playful olfactory shade, then Rum+ is the perfect choice for you: it's a true sexy bomb with Rum, Vanilla, and Leather! Are you seeking a completely new sensory adventure? Without a doubt, Golpar+ is what you're looking for! This bold and experimental fragrance will take you to distant lands with its spicy and stimulating aroma. And finally, we can't forget about Tabacco+, a strong, seductive and sweet fragrance all at once. Discover all the niche fragrances of Alex+ by Alex Perfume on 50 ml and choose the perfect fragrance for you!


The Best-Selling Alex+ by Alex Perfume Perfumes on 50 ml 


  • Alex+ by Alex Perfume Salvia+ Extrait de Parfum: a magical and unique experience, a high-altitude journey characterized by icy and fascinating Sage. The fresh, persistent, and green notes of this perfume last well beyond 12 hours on the skin, ensuring unbeatable performance.
  • Alex+ by Alex Perfume Rum+ Extrait de Parfum: known as the "sexy bomb" of the collection, this boozy and gourmand perfume offers an explosion of Cherry-flavored Rum, enriched with notes of sweet Chocolate, Vanilla, and Leather. A light touch of Oud adds depth and sillage to this irresistible composition! 
  • Alex+ by Alex Perfume Golpar+ Extrait de Parfum: a unique sensory adventure, characterized by an Iranian spice never used in Europe. Golpar EXT fragrance blends with notes of pepper to create an incredibly spicy and stimulating fragrance that transports the user to distant and mysterious lands.
  • Alex+ by Alex Perfume Tabacco+ Extrait de Parfum: strong, seductive, and sweet all at once, this fragrance captivates with its harmonious blend of Tobacco and Honey. The result is an unforgettable fragrance that leaves a lasting impression on the minds of all who encounter it. The powerful sillage of this perfume makes it perfect for those who love to be noticed wherever they go!


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