Maison Tahite

Maison Tahite
Maison Tahite is a creative atelier exploring the iconic raw materials of perfumery, seeking original and contemporary expressions. This new project opens with the gourmand family, starting from the charm of vanilla and representing the sensation of coziness and warmth while evoking the dream of exotic paradises.
Maison Tahite
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Maison Tahite: Original and Modern Niche Perfumes

Maison Tahité is a brand of niche perfumes that strives every day to create sustainable luxury fragrances, respectful of both the consumer and the environment. The Maison explores the iconic raw materials of perfumery, seeking to represent them in a way that is both original and contemporary.


Maison Tahite: Sustainability

Each fragrance is elegantly packaged in a box of recycled cardboard, vegetable glue and paper made from almond shells. The amber-coloured bottles made of recyclable glass are inspired by the pharmaceutical world and, together with the golden touch that characterises the entire range, underline their vision of luxury, always and in any case sustainable. In addition, inside each pack is a small surprise: a planting card: a small gesture to make a flower bloom and make a concrete contribution to making the planet a better place.

The brand boasts 3 Eau de Parfum Collections and a Home Collection of home fragrances, celebrating the following raw materials: VanillaCacao and Caffis. Let us now explore together the different collections and the fragrances that belong to them.


Maison Tahité Vanilla Collection

The first step in the Maison Tahité project was to explore the gourmand family and in particular, that of vanilla, depicting the various expressions of this fascinating raw material that simultaneously evokes heat and security, but also a desire to escape to distant paradises. In the collection you can find:


Maison Tahité Cocoa Collection

After having explored Vanilla in its countless facets, Maison Tahite's creative workshop decided to focus on a divine raw material, better known as “the food of the gods”: Cocoa. Cacao provokes in us a sensual surrender to hedonistic pleasures, stimulating the production of endorphins and helping us to enjoy life in its every moment, if only because of its enveloping aroma, allowing us to enjoy its benefits without having to feel guilty for the sin of gluttony. This theme has been tackled for Maison Tahité by various perfumery geniuses such as David Maruitte, Paul Guerlain and Luca Maffei, who have expressed their ideas of cocoa, leaving us with an insatiable desire to try them all. In the collection you can find:


The Maison Tahité Coffee Collection

Experts claim that the aroma of coffee presents some 5000 different nuances and olfactory combinations difficult to replicate. In this crossroads of interpretations, the noses Delphine Lebeau, Paul Guerlain, Arturetto Landi and Stephanie Bakouche, have created for this new project four unique and original fragrances, bringing out their charismatic and electrifying character. A collection of aromatic, heady and mouth-watering Eau de Parfum... A tribute to one of the symbols of the Italian 'Savoir Vivre. In the collection you can find:


Maison TahitéHome Collection

Maison Tahité expands its horizons: Vanilla, Cocoa and Coffee become the protagonists of a new room line. Three diffusers in the practical 200 ml format will give your ambience a touch of design and sophistication. Crafted in perfect Maison Tahit&eacute style, the amber-coloured bottles with a pharmaceutical-style design recall the elegance of the Eau de Parfum collections. A range of fragrances gourmandwarming and reassuring, created in collaboration with one of the best-loved Italian noses in perfumery:  Luca Maffei. In the collection you can find:


Maison Tahite Best Seller Perfumes on 50 ml:

  • Maison Tahite FLORANILLA: the sweet notes of vanilla carried on the sea breeze. A seductive mix of sea, salt, vanilla and woods, enriched by a touch of jasmine, succeeds in giving harmony and elegance to the composition. Top Notes Sage Heart Notes Jasmine, Aquatic Notes, Marine Notes Base Notes Vanilla, Cedarwood 
  • Maison Tahite CACAO IN THE SUN: a sunny Cacao, a gourmand journey to a tropical island. Flowers, fruit, citrus, sweet and enveloping notes, walk on a sunny beach holding hands. A perfume that, once worn, gives lightness, sensuality and the carefreeness of days away from daily stress. The gourmand notes welcome us, pamper us and give us a reassuring certainty…Top Notes: Essence of Orange - Essence of Lemon, Blackberry, Raspberry Heart Notes: Cocoa, O.E. Pink Pepper, Orange Blossom, Iris, Lilly of the Valley, O.E. Cypress Base Notes: O.E. Patchouli, O.E. Cedar, Vanilla, White Musks, Sandalwood 
  • Maison Tahite CACAO LIBERTINE: a libertine and jaunty fragrance that invites a joyful and playful transgression. Bergamot and Mandarin pave the way for spices and flowers dancing on a warm base. Rose and Tuberose, dressed in Cardamom, move lightly over Cocoa, Caramel, Vanilla, Patchouli and Benzoin in a dissolute and intoxicating dance.
  • Maison Tahite CARNAL CACAO: cocoa and Tuberose... An unusual combination that unites the carnality of Tuberose with the mouth-watering sensuality of Cocoa. A mix of precious ingredients starting with Cocoa and Tuberose absolutes that take us by the hand and take us on a journey through the other ingredients such as mandarin, Pink Pepper in CO2 extraction or a beautiful Neroli essential oil. A soft base of LRM cocoa absolute, ambroxan and musk pampers and reassures us, like a warm embrace.
  • Maison Tahite COFFEE BREAK: an addictive fragrance, perfect for lovers of coffee and its enveloping aroma. Never leave the room without the reassuring and energising scent of your beloved coffee. Step inside and experience your own private coffee break. Top Notes Coffee Powder; Heart Notes Artemisia, Salted Caramel, Roasted Coffee Beans Base Notes Vanilla, Guaiacum


Maison Tahite Perfumes Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Maison Tahite CACAO²: “Wow. I have no words. It's like opening a bar of extra dark chocolate in an artisanal sweet shop! A few base notes accompany the experience, but the heart of pure chocolate is undeniable, in my opinion, it's the best Maison Tahite perfume. Man or woman, try it! ” Alessandra
  • Maison Tahite VANEXSTASY: “is the ’last of the perfumes of this maison that I have tried. At first, I thought I wouldn't like the combination of caramel sweetness and pear balm at all. I had to totally reconsider. It is a discreet, well-structured fragrance in which the sweetness of the vanilla and other gourmand notes is perfectly balanced. It is like eating a liquorice toffee from some artisanal laboratory: sweet, but not for children” Beatrice
  • Maison Tahite VICIOUS CACAO: “Rum, raspberry, pepper, cocoa, amber, flowers, caramel, resins and woods. is a dark, sweet and spicy fragrance that highlights the perfumer's ability to balance everything in the olfactory pyramid. A true gourmand masterpiece. Truly amazing, is my favourite of this brand.” Giorgio
  • Maison Tahite SEL_VANILLE: “A creamy, non-mineral aquatic vanilla. is the first time I really think that vanilla can smell “clean” but it does. A semi-simple but effective fragrance that gets straight to the point. I love wearing it at work because it is very delicate and comforting." Giovanna
  • Maison Tahite Vanilla2: “Vanilla, very natural, is accompanied by praline, talc/floral and resinous notes.   is a very benzoinated vanilla, sweet and dense, but illuminated by floral notes. Wearing it is like eating a Middle Eastern dessert. I bought the small sample first and then the whole perfume and I enjoyed both, thank you.” Luigi


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