Foam Cleanser

Here's the foaming cleanser: the second step of the famous Korean Skincare Routine! After the oil cleansing, it's time to remove all impurities from the skin, using water-based specific cleansers. Cleanse and purify every pore of your face with the light and gentle foam of the best foam cleansers!

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Step 2: the Foaming Cleanser 

The second of the 10 steps of the Korean Skincare Routine involves water-based cleansing, meaning all those products that ensure optimal cleansing for your face. The most well-known are obviously the foaming cleansers, which, as you can guess from the name, are characterized by the peculiar foamy texture, light and soft, extremely gentle on the skin. As every K-Beauty lover knows, the foaming cleanser is an essential step in any respectable skincare routine! Whether used alone or as the second step of the Korean Skincare in combination with the oil cleanser for a perfect double cleansing, the foaming cleanser is a product you can no longer do without! Regular use of a foam cleanser not only helps remove make-up residues and skin impurities that oily cleansing failed to completely eliminate, but also makes your skin bright and nourished, deeply cleaning every pore! 

Before moving on, let's leave behind the old beliefs: unlike past facial cleansing foam, Korean foam cleanser is not aggressive at all, but rather essential for cleansing and hydrating the skin! As always, it's important to know your skin and choose products that best suit its specific needs! Korean cosmetics offer a wide range of facial cleansing foams, ensuring that no skin type is left out. From oily and/or acne-prone to dry and sensitive, every skin type can rely on the foaming cleanser it needs! 


What is a Foaming Cleanser and How Does it Work on the Skin? 

As you may have gathered by now, there are foaming cleansers tailored to various skin types, but that's not all! These Korean cosmetics also stand out for their various textures: in short, they cater to everyone! However, whether it's a gel formulaliquid or resembles a mousse, they have one thing in common: as soon as they come into contact with water, they change consistency and create a light and soft foam! This happens because of the particular formulation rich in surfactants that every foaming cleanser possesses. But let's delve deeper! All facial cleansing foams are composed of a lipophilic component and a hydrophilic component that combine with each other. If the former can dissolve makeup, excess sebum and other debris deposited on the skin, the latter activates upon contact with water and completely removes dirt, leaving the skin perfectly cleansed and purified. That's why in the Korean routine, cleansing is done in two steps, which act specifically on the skin. 


How to Do the Second Step of the Korean Skincare Routine 

Here are a few simple steps to integrate the foaming cleanser into your Korean Skincare Routine: 

  1. Moisten your face with water neither too cold nor too hot. 
  2. Apply the foaming cleanser to your skin and massage with small circular movements. 
  3. Rinse thoroughly and pat your face dry without rubbing.  

There you go, all done! Easy, right? It's no wonder why foaming cleansers are considered by everyone the starting point when approaching the Korean Skincare! If, however, you want to experience the famous Korean double cleansingthat has conquered the world in recent years, as a first step apply to your strictly dry face an oil cleanserGently massage for about 30 seconds and only then add some water to rinse. Now you can proceed with the foaming cleanser following the above steps: your skin will finally be clean and free from sebum and other impurities!


When to Use Korean Foaming Cleanser 

The foaming cleanser is perfect to use both in the evening and in the morning. In the evening, it is advisable to use it in combination with an oily cleanser, following the tradition of K Beauty and double cleansing, to remove sebum and dirt that has built up on the skin during the day. In the morning, however, it can also be used alone, to purify pores and prepare the skin for the subsequent steps of the Korean Skincare. A simple wash with water may not be enough to clean the skin, as overnight the skin regenerates, eliminating toxins and dead cells that can only be removed through adequate cleansing. 


Best Korean Foaming Cleansers on 50 ml 

  • Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser: a gentle foaming facial cleanser designed to protect the skin's natural barrier. The formulation of this Korean foaming cleanser contains Green Tea and Lotus Flower, with toning, soothing, and refreshing properties. Additionally, Green Plum hydrosol, enriched with Mung Bean extract and Rice Bran, softens the skin, removes dead cells and excess sebum, giving you a luminous and fresh skin! 
  • Mixsoon Master Gentle Recipe Foam Cleanser: a Korean cleanser that works miraculously on the skin's structure. Its exclusive texture envelops the skin like a soft caress, turning each application into a real pleasure. The magic of this foaming cleanser lies in the ingredients: Centella Asiatica extract and Caprylic Salicylic Acid gently exfoliate and smooth the skin, while Ceramide and Panthenol restore the skin and give it a radiant look. 
  • Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser: a slightly acidic pH foaming cleanser, perfect for maintaining the skin's natural balance, gently cleanses and purifies the skin, helping to preserve its hydration. This Korean gel foaming cleanser thoroughly removes impurities and restores pH balance, refining skin texture, leaving it fresh, hydrated, and firmer. 
  • Missha Vita C Plus Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser: a foaming face cleanser that offers deep cleansing and brightening effects, thanks to its formula enriched with pure hyaluronic and ascorbic acid. This Korean cleanser washes away makeup and excess sebum, providing intense hydration to the skin, making it radiant, elastic, and soft: ideal for a fresh and radiant complexion! 
  • Skin1004 Tone Brightening Cleansing Gel Foam: a gel foaming cleanser that gently removes makeup and impurities from the skin. Enriched with Centella Asiatica extract, this Korean foaming cleanser soothes and restores the skin's hydration level, while Madecassoside reduces irritations and improves brightness. Finally, extracts of Prunus Mume, Pyrus Malus, Carica Papaya, and Vitis Vinifera act to remove dead cells, leaving the skin hydrated and luminous. 


Korean Foaming Cleansers: 50 ml Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews of our Korean foaming cleansers. Discover what they said!

  • Missha Vita C Plus Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser: Giulia, 24 years old: "The Vita C Plus Clear Complexion cleanser is fantastic! My skin became brighter and softer after a few uses. It removes makeup perfectly, leaving the face fresh. It's now a must-have in my beauty routine!"
  • Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser: Mariangela, 43 years old: "The Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is an exceptional cleanser! It keeps my usually dry skin perfectly hydrated. My face also appears brighter and firmer: it has become indispensable for good daily cleansing!"
  • Skin1004 Tone Brightening Cleansing Gel Foam: Mirko, 35 years old: "This foaming cleanser from Skin1004 is fantastic! I've always had sensitive skin issues, but with this product, I've really found it gentle and non-aggressive: I've been using it every day for 3 months now and I think I'll continue."
  • Beauty of Joseon Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser: Viola, 20 years old: "The Green Plum Refreshing Cleanser is wonderful! It leaves my skin fresh and radiant. I love how it softens the skin and eliminates that annoying excess sebum that unfortunately has been with me for years!"
  • Mixsoon Master Gentle Recipe Foam Cleanser: Ester, 58 years old: "As dry as the Sahara sand... that's my skin. Damn me: maybe I've worsened with age, but I had practically given up finding a facial cleanser that wouldn't leave my skin tight, then I discovered Mixsoon and... the turning point!"

Are you just now approaching the Korean Skincare routine? Don't worry: the foaming cleanser is definitely the perfect step to start delving into this amazing world! This product is simple and quick to use and doesn't require any experience! 


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