Acqua delle Langhe

Acqua delle Langhe
Acqua delle Langhe stems from the strong bond with Langhe, the place where each fragrance was conceived and created. It is a tribute to this extraordinary land, renowned for its wines, the white truffles, the round hazelnuts, the medieval villages and its vineyards on the hills. Acqua delle Langhe is a dream come true in this UNESCO World Heritage site.
Acqua delle Langhe
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The History of Langhe Fragrances: Perfumed Excellence from the Heart of Piedmont

The birth of Acqua delle Langhe is intertwined with the inimitable charms of an extraordinary and fascinating land, which since 2014 has been recognised as a Unesco World Heritage Site and exports its unmistakable wine excellence all over the world. It all begins amidst the fragrant vineyards and saline soils of this extraordinary natural oasis nestled in the noble and hard-working heart of Piedmont. Alberto Avetta, creator of the Acqua delle Langhe project, sets out on his journey. His passion for fragrances has always been rooted in him. In 2012, with determination and a dash of audacity, he founded the company and registered the Acqua delle Langhe brand. The first three personal fragrances - Cannubi, Villero and Arborina - came to life.


The Essence of Water

The choice of the term 'Water' represents a challenge in which the simplicity of the word enhances the complex fragrances. Water, an essential and primordial elementand source of life, once enveloped the Langhe entirely. It was seawater. The sea, releasing precious minerals and elements essential to the land, gave it fertility and abundance. This marine bounty has given the Langhe a soft, clear and shiny hue, similar to the sand on the planet's most fascinating beaches.


The Philosophy of Acqua delle Langhe: Harmony and Territory

The philosophy of Acqua delle Langhe is based on a scrupulous selection of raw materials and the continuous search for the ideal balance between top and base notes. Moreover, its deep connection with the genius loci, in particular with the Alba area, renamed Alba Pompeia by the Romans, plays a crucial role. This iconic line is rooted in the heart of the Piedmontese Langhe and their distinctive traits of viticulture and aristocratic traditions. It is here that the intoxicating perfumes come to life, born from the blend of citrus and pitosforo, traces of noble grapes and nuances of peat, leather and tobacco. A saline aftertaste and floral accents evoke the aromas of the hedgerows that adorn the seashore.


The Craftsmanship and Perfection

The fragrances and product images are carefully studied in the Langhe and crafted in the workshop in Dogliani, an enchanting village in the heart of this region. Expert and skilled hands devote themselves to the creation of each fragrance, seeking the perfect balance between ephemeral and persistent. The fragrances of Acqua delle Langhe are timeless and genderless, to best recall the beauty of the Piedmont landscapes and the absolute excellence of their products. In short, Acqua delle Langhe is the very essence of this land of fascinating origins and innate richness, recounted with passion and artisanal perfection.


Langhe Water Perfumes Best Seller on 50 ml

  • Acqua delle Langhe Sarmassa Parfum: a sweet essence, tending towards the feminine, absolutely sensual and elegant: the persistent notes of amber, sweet spices, vanilla, and talc blend and combine with the lighter accents of citrus and cedar woods.
  • Aqua delle Langhe Langa Fiorita Trigger: a citrus room spray. Agreement of citrus notes such as bitter orange, orange blossom, neroli, bergamot, lemon, and petitgrain.
  • Acqua delle Langhe Reed Sticks: rattan room scent sticks. Perfect for revitalising your old air freshener: every time you buy a refill of an air freshener you should.
  • Aqua delle Langhe Neirane Parfum: A pleasant encounter between the floral notes of noble iris and the base notes of cedarwood, musk and leather.
  • Acqua delle Langhe Boscareto Candle: A candle with a citrus aroma. The liveliness of ginger meets the refined character of Sicilian lemon and Calabrian bergamot to give a fragrance with a persistent dynamism.


Profumi Acqua delle Langhe Reviews: Discover Our Customers' Opinions!

  • Aqua delle Langhe Cannubi Parfum: “The fragrance is a unique combination of elegance and freshness. The persistence is remarkable but in a delicate way. I have received numerous compliments each time I have worn it, I consider it a sophisticated and long-lasting fragrance.” Yelena
  • Acqua delle Langhe Uve Nobili Diffuser Refill: “A must-have in my home. The fragrance is enveloping and relaxing, creating a cosy atmosphere in every room. I particularly appreciated the durability of the diffuser, which continues to release the fragrance for weeks without losing intensity. The scent, colour and design are exquisite. is a wonderful way to make the home environment more pleasant and inviting.” Ayla
  • Aqua delle Langhe Oudart Parfum: “A real gem in my perfume collection. The depth and richness of oud blend harmoniously with woody and spicy notes, creating an enveloping and mysterious fragrance. It is not an overpowering scent, but rather blends beautifully with my skin, slowly releasing the different nuances over the day. Even the packaging is of high quality,10/10” Eleonore
  • Acqua delle Langhe La Via del Sale Diffuser: “I am delighted. The delicate and refreshing fragrance is extremely effective in aromatising the surroundings evenly. The duration is impressive and the fragrance remains constant over time. Dà a touch of freshness for my home, I love it.” Antonietta
  • Acqua delle Langhe Cerequio Parfum: “Acqua delle Langhe Cerequio Parfum is a true joy for lovers of strong fragrances. Sweet notes are beautifully balanced by woody and slightly spicy accents, resulting in an elegant, enveloping and refined scent. The bottle is a small masterpiece, adds a touch of luxury that makes the difference in this unique olfactory experience.” Arturo


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